Raspberry Truffle Hearts

Take some time to view Bjorn’s chocolate creations.    


You’ve tasted dozens and dozens of chocolates, taking copious tasting notes along the way and learning where each chocolate came from and how it was made, you have a good idea of what you like in chocolate (and why), and you’ve sought out and discovered the best chocolatiers in your area.  It’s definitely time to […]

The Chocolate

We understand the key to making great confections is to start with only the finest Belgian chocolate. Melt chooses chocolate makers that still select, roast and grind their own cocoa beans.  Our chocolate is shipped in weekly, thus assuring you, the customer, will have the freshest chocolate creations possible.  When it is feasible and our recipes […]


At Melt, we realize fresh ingredients are super important to making quality chocolates.  We try to buy our ingredients locally to help support the local farm community.  Whether shopping produce at the local farmers’ market or picking berries from the family blackberry patch, you can rest assured our velvety, smooth ganaches have the freshest ingredients.