We take as much care in shipping your Melt Chocolatier chocolate order as we do in making our handcrafted artisanal chocolate confections. We offer many different options for ensuring your chocolates arrive at optimal condition.

As our chocolates are handcrafted every day, we make our very best effort to ensure that every order goes out within 24-48 hours upon receipt of the order. Please note that order processing time may be longer during holiday time periods due to the large amount of orders we receive.

We make every effort to use the highest quality packaging and services to ensure the integrity of our products. Because chocolate is a perishable item, we always recommend shipping our packages using Priority shipping expediting your delivery time to 1-4 days compared to 7 days with Standard.

Please ensure a recipient will be home, or perhaps deliver to a nearby business or friend; if no one is available to receive them they will surely lose quality and could melt.

Because temperatures vary across the country, we may choose not to ship over the weekend in order to ensure premium quality upon arrival. For this reason, we cannot guarantee Monday deliveries.

Warm Weather Conditions

Ice Packs Cost: minimum $5.00, depending on order size

This service can be selected at checkout.

If your destination is over 70°F (21°C), your order must be protected from heat. To preserve quality, we will add ice packs to your order. In most cases where the temperature exceeds 70°F (21°C) the warm weather package is a requirement and consists of reusable non-toxic frozen gel-pack(s), which will keep your package cool for up to 48 hours. In these extreme hot weather conditions, we cannot offer Monday deliveries and therefore reserve the right to delay your shipment. During the summer months (June, July, August), we typically ship all of our packages in this manner.

Once a package has left our factory, we have no control over the way in which it is handled by the postal service. In terms of receiving the items in optimum condition, unless the customer selects next-day shipping, it is thus a small risk on the customer’s part to purchase our products in hot weather. If your destination is more than 70°F (21°C), we can only unconditionally guarantee your order’s arrival in optimum condition if you choose to ship “Next Day” and add ice packs.

During the warmer months we do not offer standard shipping to ensure your items arrive in the best condition possible.

During the cooler months, you typically do not need to expedite your shipping unless the source or destination is over 72°F.Please call us with any questions or concerns on your order at during regular business hours.



Order Tracking is available for all domestic orders. International tracking available upon request when placing order.

Our shipping prices include sales tax for shipping and handling charges. Prices are subject to change without notice.

1-7 days estimated arrival. Not a guaranteed service. $9.99 for first pound + $2 for each additional pound.

1-4 days estimated arrival. Not a guaranteed service. $11.99 for first pound + $2 for each additional pound.
Chocolates are perishable: this is our recommended method of shipment.

Please contact us at 414-939-MELT (6358) for real-time calculated overnight shipping options.

For Next Day shipments, orders must be placed by 2pm Central Time.

Shipments to Hawaii must be shipped by air. Please contact us for real-time calculated pricing.

Prices vary, please contact us for real-time calculated cost. Shipment by air cannot be unconditionally guaranteed.